Saturday, December 16, 2006

To Do. Hannah Gerber

You will now attempt,

(No, you will do more than try, you will

just do)

You will, in fact, summon what little maturity

you have garnered over the years

and you will

create stability.

And even though the cacophonous circus

may never cease, not entirely,

no matter.

You are not ambitious enough as to care

and that is very very good.

That’s very human and sweet and fallible;

your lack of ambition to be a Buddha,

to be the best,

or at least one of the ones

who can sit in mindless bliss.

You are forgiving, of widened heart

and spacious outlook.

The time has drawn near.

So. Now.

Don’t try.


The mantra is your own to compose

so please try not to make it

‘Shut The Fuck Up’ though it feels most natural.

Fully Conscious’ is perhaps the Way to go

or you can be as candid with yourself

as possible and repeat the only truth,

the one that’s impossible

to wholly grasp and impossible

to lightly ignore

which is