Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aimee By Nancy Lerman

I'm 4 and in a hurry as only a 4 year old can be.
My grandmother stops to put on her lipstick.
"Come on, Grandma!" I say, "No one cares!"
"I care," she says.
I'm 9 and in a hurry again, of course.
"Brush your hair before we go," she says.
"But I don't care how it looks!"
"Perhaps not," she says, "but I care."
At 14, the teenage world taking its toll, I wail:
"No one cares about me!"
She holds me, whispering, "I care."
I leave for college;
I marry;
I give birth;
She is there.
Now I sit by her hospital bed,
The end is near.
The DNR order is in place.
I watch her face - it's quiet, calm -
but pale.
I put lipstick on her dry lips, because I know:
she cares.