Friday, April 28, 2006


Poet Moms will soon have it's own domain at where we can be seen all over the world, and will strive to become a poetry review worthy of your thoughts, talents and words!

The site is now under construction, more info will be given here up until the time of the 'move'.

Keep living large, and write about it once inawhile! Your voice is a DYNAMIC that makes the world a more bearable place!

I will leave you with this bit of wisdom... well, huh. That didnt work out right. So look above for that bit o' wisdom, its the Bokonon (Vonnegut) quote, in case you needed a hint.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

By Hannah Gerber

Give me the booger.

Please don’t run away with it.

It is not a chunk of gold,

nor a game to be played;

me chasing you,

the dog nipping our heels.

It’s a booger and I must insist

you give it to me.

We can trade it in

like a sticky golden ticket

for a fortune cookie

I found in my bag,

or the dinosaur

revealed in a sandbox

that you unearthed

with your little

archeologists hands.

Aimee By Nancy Lerman

I'm 4 and in a hurry as only a 4 year old can be.
My grandmother stops to put on her lipstick.
"Come on, Grandma!" I say, "No one cares!"
"I care," she says.
I'm 9 and in a hurry again, of course.
"Brush your hair before we go," she says.
"But I don't care how it looks!"
"Perhaps not," she says, "but I care."
At 14, the teenage world taking its toll, I wail:
"No one cares about me!"
She holds me, whispering, "I care."
I leave for college;
I marry;
I give birth;
She is there.
Now I sit by her hospital bed,
The end is near.
The DNR order is in place.
I watch her face - it's quiet, calm -
but pale.
I put lipstick on her dry lips, because I know:
she cares.