Monday, March 27, 2006

Dear Audrey By Hannah Gerber

If you can make a lion out of a paper plate

and construction paper

and I can conjure up

food in the shapes of cartoon characters

then maybe together

we can fly.

If your right, and dogs can talk

if they want to, and ducks can

live on American cheese and


if it is indeed true

that over the wall there lives a tiger

and an elephant both diminutive enough

to fit in the small of our hands,

well, maybe you and I together

can be invisible and follow

daddy where he goes.

Move his french fries out of reach,

tug on his tie

and whisper kitty sounds into

his ears,

And then maybe Tuesday

we can go to the zoo.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Time By Dana Beth

I looked at you today and wondered, what will you be when you grow up?

Will you be a doctor, a lawyer, a musician, a writer, a poet?

I gazed at your blue-green eyes and searched for answers.

I found none.

Instead you reached your little hand to my face and smiled.

In that gesture I found all the answers that matter.

I am yours and you are mine.

Thoughts of the future melted away into the moment and time stood still.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Poem and Art by Nikki

Keeping the mind clear

and calm.


The body is immersed

in today

but relaxed.

Letting go,

all opinions fall away.

All is taken care of.



Friday, March 17, 2006

When. By Dana Beth

When you were a baby I though you were so small

When you were one I thought you were no longer a baby at all

When you were two I thought all the baby in you was gone

When you were three I thought my little boy was so big and strong

When you were four I thought you were so wise for your age

When you were five I thought you had become a school kid in a day

When you were six I thought I’d cry when you went to 1st grade

When you were seven I thought you were too big to hug me every day

When you were eight I thought you were my little man

When you were nine I thought you would never again hold my hand

When you were ten I thought you would never sit and talk heart to heart

When you were eleven I thought how did you ever get to be this smart

When you were twelve I thought you were embarrassed by me

When you were thirteen I thought you were too big to climb a tree

When you were fourteen I thought you were crazy about girls

When you were fifteen I thought you were living in your own world

When you were sixteen I thought you were going to kill yourself driving

When you were seventeen I thought you were just getting by, just simply surviving

When you were eighteen I thought you were never going to ask for advice

When you were nineteen I thought at “quarters” you were very precise

When you were twenty I thought to ask “How does it feel to have grown out of your mothers grasp?”

When you were twenty-one you gave me your answer when you held my hand, kissed my cheek,
and asked “Mother what should I do? I think I love her, she is so much like you.”

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A more or less usual afternoon By Hannah Gerber

Today I am my childs hero.
And all because she asked for a joke and I had one.

Question: Why can't an antelope elope with a cantaloupe?
Answer: Because an antelope can't elope with a cantaloupe.

And for this I have been festooned with kisses
and she laughed so hard
she peed in her big girl underwear.
Then she asked me if I wanted a beer.
I tossed her the car keys and said,
'No, but be a peach and go to Wiggy's on the corner of Sixth
and Congress and get me a pint of Jack, would you, darling?'

Now I have about twenty minutes to myself.
I think I'll write something.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Punch Line By Hannah Gerber

My daughter, almost three

and already an absurdist has this joke.

Actually she has a ‘million of ‘em’

as the old vaudevillians say.

It’s just hers all have the same punch line.


My favorite goes like this.

What happens when you eat a pineapple on the beach?

And the punch line is her screaming

at the top of her lungs,

The Phone Rings!

If she gets a laugh out of you, please understand

you are in trouble,

for then you will need to hear

more startling scenarios in

which The Phone Rings.

What happens when your eating a cookie in the bath tub?

What happens when your yelling and your mommy is yelling too?

What happens when the giraffe is at the Zoo and his name is Noodle-head?

What happens? What happens? What happens?